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Exceptionally good people



President, sconethinker, owner and all


Very young, he dreamed of drawing skyscrapers, of becoming prime minister or business leader. After a diploma in architectural technology, another in international relations and international law, some procrastination - including a few months in the office of the Quebec's Premier - it culminated with the opening of the café / tearoom LA BRUME DANS MES LUNETTES (378, rue Saint-Zotique Est, Montreal) in September 2015.


From scone to scone, with the help of creative cooks, they developed forty unique and decidedly local flavours. With carefully balanced ingredients, a texture that was both crisp and chewy, the scone revolution could begin. He therefore created LE MONDE EST SCONE in June 2018, his head full of hope with the firm intention of making scones accessible and available everywhere in addition to giving them back THE place they deserve in the food industry.

His motto: conquer the world one scone at a time.

fernande leblanc

Retired mom, holy woman and strategic advisor


Both a caring mother and a career woman, Fernande it the quiet conscience of LE MONDE EST SCONE. She spends most of her time listening to the complaints of her little one (Luc), and giving her opinion on the current affairs of the company.


Originally from the Magdalen Islands, she graduated in public administration from UQÀM. In addition to having the guts to follow her son in the crazy adventure of the café / tearoom LA BRUME DANS MES LUNETTES, she was president of the Taillon and Marie-Victorin school board for a total of 17 years, then general manager of La Maison de Jonathan for nearly 20 years. Falsely retired, no one can stop her and little by little, as she gets older, she regains her sweet accent.

IMG_9044 copie.png

cyril thioliere

Workshop manager, sconemaster and all other related tasks


Trained in management at the University of Aix-Marseille III, he has been surveying Quebec for eight years with no intention of leaving it. His culinary specialty: pasta with butter…and scones.

Passionate about video games, he plays with his phone in the face of his colleagues every lunchtime. Disciplined x 1000, punctual as a Swiss clock and fast as a rugby player (which he practised the basics for a few years), he manages the production workshop with efficiency and rigour.

When the boss asks him if everything will be ready on time, he always replies confident: "Yeah, we're A-OKAY".

Eloise blanchin

sconemaster and aquatic director


Originally from Grenoble in France, she has been in Quebec since 2019 and awaiting her permanent residence. During her young career, she worked for companies in 3D animation for the cinema (special effects) and the railway sector (train simulators).

Don't be fooled by her calm appearance, she gets surprisingly teasing and joker when she is at her ease.

Possibly one of the best sconemasters LE MONDE EST SCONE has ever known, she literally makes the most beautiful scones in the Universe (and beyond)!

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