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Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


to conquer

the world a scone

at a time


what is it?

Scone [skon] noun sweet or savory bun, halfway between a cookie and a cake. A quality scone is densely flaky, crisp and chewy

and tastes like good butter.

It all started at LA BRUME DANS MES LUNETTES, a popular café / tearoom in the Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie district in Montreal.

From a traditional recipe, our ingenious cooks have developed resolutely and out of the ordinary local flavors. Our so famous lavender-rosemary-white chocolate-lemon scone will one day be known around the world, it's a promise we made!

LE MONDE EST SCONE has two goals: to make the scone as popular as sliced ​​bread and above all, to conquer the world one scone at a time!


Our delicious scones - possibly the best you'll have eaten - taste so good everywhere, all the time.


This is IT.

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beautiful, good and fresh

LE MONDE EST SCONE scones are handmade, with natural ingredients and no added preservatives. It's full of butter, it's caloric, but there is no hiding. What you see is what you eat. Flour, butter, milk, eggs, fresh or dried vegetables and fruits, nothing more, nothing less. We select the best Canadian ingredients because that's what it takes.

And beyond the facts, a good scone nourishes the soul and that's all that matters.

FONDIG_Plan de travail 1.png

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